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The Calm Before The STORM

EXPLOSIVE: New Video of Biden's FAKE Oval Office | Castle Rock Studio | 2/07/21

Absolute Proof

VIDEO by Mike Lindell | Exposing election FRAUD and the THEFT of America by enemies foreign and domestic

SHOCKING TRUTH | Corruption & America's Future | Attorney Lin Wood | 2/04/21

Georgia Attorney Lin Wood reveals the SHOCKING TRUTH about corruption and what is in America's future. NEW information is EXPOSED and you may be surprised at what Lin Wood says. 

Lin Wood discusses Mike Pence and his alleged acts of pedophilia with underaged boys, the whistleblower's credible evidence, Georgia political corruption at the highlest levels, the Military is currently in charge and upholding their sworn duty to protect America from communism and Trump WILL be back. 

Patriots, we report TRUTH and you'll never hear this information on the MSM (including Fox News). If it wasn't for broadcast like this - there would be a complete blackout of information. There is a reason why anyone who speaks truth and supports President Trump is being heavily CENSORED.

U.S. Marines sing "These are the days of Elijah" | 1/30/21

Great video that captures the wonderful spirit of the U.S. Marines that are protecting America. During this momentous time of our earth's history, it is wonderful to see an uplifting energy praising God and sending out the Good News to counteract the evil that is currently plaguing our world. God always WINS! “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 

EXPLOSIVE: Whistleblower Testimony on Rod Rosenstein's &  the Death of Seth Rich | 1/27/21

Georgia Attorney Lin Wood drops another explosive whistleblower testimony on former U.S. Republican Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein. This segment includes Rosenstein’s order to go after Seth Rich, resulting in his murder and a long standing Russian intel Op, “Ghost Stories”. We've also included the letter from another whistleblower on the murder of Seth Rich. To read letter CLICK HERE

 TRUTH Revealed & SHOCKING News | Attorney Lin Wood |  1/25/21

Georgia Attorney Lin Wood speaks truth and reveals shocking news while answering some tough questions about what is happening in Washington DC and the latest on President Trump.

Some of the questions Lin Wood is asked during this interview are: is the Military in charge of our government and has President Trump quit on the American people? Lin Wood also discusses how the underbelly of evil in Washington DC has plagued the highest levels of our government from pedophila, to the Deep State's plan to pack the Supreme Court through ways most people won't believe because it's so horrific. Lin Wood also discusses the whistleblower that has given an in-depth SHOCKING testimony on Rod Rosenstein's 'Dirty Trick Squad'. Below this video we have posted the whistleblower testimony.

Patriots, you'll never hear this information on the MSM (including Fox News) and if it wasn't for broadcast like this - you would never learn the TRUTH. There is a reason why anyone who speaks truth and supports President Trump is being heavily CENSORED.

SHOCKING: Whistleblower testimony on Deep State's 'Dirty Trick Squad' | 1/25/21

Whistleblower SHOCKING testimony on former U.S. Republican Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein's 'Dirty Trick Squad' - gives details about a blackmail scheme used by the Deep State to control politicians and the courts. Video provided by Georgia Attorney Lin Wood. According the whistleblower the 'Dirty Trick Squad' was contemplating on how to remove President Trump and that was Rod Rosenstein, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan.

According the whistleblower the leverage that was held over the head of Mike Pence were pedophilia acts with teenage boys that were recorded. The whistleblower also discusses how the Deep State used Jeffrey Epstein's information for blackmailing purposes and how they would hack people's computers to file fake charges, steal emails and sell information. According to the whistleblower the Deep State was involved in numerous murders and planting dope to drum up fake charges. 

Direct quote from Georgia Attorney Lin Wood - "Does everyone remember Rod Rosenstein? If not, I will educate you about him and others. If you think you know who he is, you might find that you are wrong. Every lie will be revealed."

Good vs Evil | SHOCKING Truths Revealed | 1/23/21

Georgia Attorney Lin Wood is asked some hard questions that millions of Trump supporters are wanting answers to. Some of Lin Wood's answers may surprise you. Lin Wood discusses why the Military is in charge of our government, gives answers to America's history that may change the course of our country for the better and why Trump will more than likely return. Patriots, you will NEVER receive this information on the MSM (including Fox New). We are reporting the TRUTH. 

Why is Biden so Weak and Will Trump Return? | 1/22/21

Simon Parkes and Doug Billings discuss America's future and what they say may surprise you. Patriots, news updates like this one you'll NEVER see on the MSM (including Fox News). We are reporting the TRUTH to you. 
BACKGROUND: Simon Parkes' family is connected to the British and American intelligence. Simon's mother worked for MI5, however while she was managed by MI5 she was in reality working for the NSA. Simon's grandfather was employed by the Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6 in reality he was reporting to the CIA. Simon's grandfather was also a British Diplomat, holding the position of Vice Consul and then Consul of the British Embassy in Pondicherry (Puducherry) India.

In 2013 Simon was invited to a tour of a space radar base in North Yorkshire, with a group of 20 serving and retired military. Simon was the only civilian in the group - at the end of which he was given a commemorative medal/coin - a limited edition of only 500 world wide celebrating 50 years of the USAF being based in North Yorkshire. It is number 86. No one else in the group were given one. This visit was a game changer - suddenly the British media stopped hounding him. Simon went on to establish Connecting Consciousness organization dedicated to raising awareness for people. 

SHOCKING NEWS | What is Next for America? | 1/21/21

Georgia Attorney Lin Wood has posted other videos of Simon Parkes in the past and we decided to post this SHOCKING UPDATE. Simon Parkes gives answers to why the Military decided no to act on 1/20/21 during the inauguration. Simon's answers may shock you and may also be relieved at what he says about America's future. 

Georgia Attorney Lin Wood posted this video for Patriots to watch and inform | 1/20/21

Have you trusted "The Plan"? Was the inauguration taped and sent out 10 hours early to people? Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodriguez and Tiana Islam give insightful answers to why the U.S. Military didn't take action during the inauguration, why Donald Trump will be back as our leader and what does the future look like for the United States. Their answers and insider knowledge might surprise you. 

SHOCKING: Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney reveals TRUTH about Washington DC | 1/08/21

SHOCKING: Highly decorated and respected Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney reveals the TRUTH about who has Nancy Pelosi's laptop to VP Mike Pence committing treason and dishes out every detail about what is happening in Washington DC. 

Patriots, this is one of the BEST interviews and updates you'll receive by an insider within the walls of our Military and Washington DC. This is the ENTIRE interview.

If you've been searching for the TRUTH about what is happening inside our government - this is another person you can t TRUST!

The SMOKING GUN | the THEFT of the 2020 presidential election | 1/07/21

This may be the BIGGEST story of the year. Interview with Maria Zack. President Trump was right, there was foreign interference in the election. Affidavits were submitted at 1:30 pm 1-7-2021. Here it is, the BOMBSHELL American’s have been waiting for….

This is the missing piece of the puzzle!

ITALYGATE: the SHOCKING truth | the THEFT of the 2020 presidential election | 1/07/21

ITALYGATE: Audio of Maria Zack - who explains the THEFT of the presidential election. An employee of one of the world largest defense contractos, Leonardo SpA, has sounded the alarm and provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US election.

Arturo D’elio outlined the scheme that proved successful in using Leonardo computer systems and military satellites located in Pescara, Italy. Recent reports of a hack at Leonardo now appear to have been an orchestrated cover to mitigate blowback on the corporation which is partially owned by the Italian government.

Did Patrick Byrne say he facilitated a $18 MILLION BRIBE for Hillary Clinton? |  12/16/20

Did Patrick Byrne say he facilitated a $18 MILLION BRIBE for Hillary Clinton? MASSIVE BOMBSHELL information that will BLOW YOUR MIND about the 2020 Presidential Election and what is really happening within the Deep State!

From the FBI setting up a STING to BRIBE Hillary Clinton with $18 MILLION on January 14, 2016 after Clinton accepted a bribe from Turkey for $20 MILLION in 2015, to explaining 'OPERATION SNOW GLOBE', to explaining the DEEP STATE's role in the 2020 Presidential election and how they've been planning to hijack the election from President Trump since October 2018. MUST WATCH!

Patrick Byrne the CEO of Overstock is CONFESSING on this VIDEO he is PART of this scheme and FBI BRIBE to Hillary Clinton.

CHECKMATE by President Trump | 2020 Election STING Operation | 11/05/2020

CHECKMATE by President Trump: Must watch video! Originally aired on the Trump Train News Media facebook page on 11/05/2020

This video is about the 2020 Election STING Operation by President Trump against Sleepy Joe and the election CORRUPTION in voter fraud. Trump WATERMARKED every ballot with QFS BLOCKCHAIN ENCRYPTION CODES! Steve Pieczenik explains...

The person in the video is Dr. Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD, is a Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State who spent over 2 decades in the State Departments of the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush Sr. administrations, serving under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker.

How To STEAL The American Presidential Election In 2020